Web site development

Beginning website development

This website is under development.

The problem is, I don’t know what it’s going to look like when it’s done. That means that it will probably never be “finished” and I’ll keep tinkering with it for the next decade or so.

I also don’t know who the ‘target audience’ is. Probably mostly me, and those who stumble on this website by accident. If that’s your situation, please leave a comment and let me know. Accidental visitors are welcome.

It is not my intention to sell anything via this website. It’s also not my intention that it will ever become widely viewed or popular. I intend to continue posting photographs to this website because I enjoy photography and I like to share my photos with other people. I ask that those who visit this website respect the fact that the photos that are posted here are copyright, and that you not use the photos for any purpose other than personal viewing. Should you wish to use one of my photos for another purpose, please contact me to discuss. Larger, higher-resolution versions of these images are available, and I can supply them either digitally or in print, as required.

Finally, about that ‘please contact me’ thing… I don’t have an email account set up for this website yet, so that might be difficult to do…

[UPDATE:  You can now email me at graham@fairfieldphotoworks.com!]

[UPDATE March 2017]  Still adding photos to this website – check out the section of photos of Stevie, our newest American Cocker spaniel puppy!

Update November 2017 – still learning WordPress

I’m still trying to figure out how to make a WordPress website work!  I don’t necessarily want to have the blog on the front page, but now I think I have buried it completely.  I’m also still experimenting with themes but as you can tell, I haven’t done much other than to tinker with the header and change the font colour.

Statue of Captain James Cook
Statue of Captain James Cook

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