Images and comments from the west coast

A view from the left edge of North America, close to the top.

white waves crashing onto rocks
Waves crashing onto the rocky beach on the south edge of Victoria, British Columbia

I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in writing much of anything for this website of late, but I have tried to keep adding photos of Louie, as time permits.  I was just chastising myself for not having taken enough pictures of Louie as a puppy when I realized that he’s only 11 months old, and I have approximately 2,000 photos of him already.  I suppose that’s not too bad, but I have promised myself to take more photos of our new puppy when she arrives!

Black American Cocker Spaniel head and shoulders standing and looking at camera

The slight reddish-brown cast to Louie’s fur on his side is the bleaching effect of the salt water!  I shouldn’t let him swim in the ocean.  If he were a show dog, this would definitely be a no-no because black Spaniels are supposed to be BLACK.  Apparently those who take these things seriously would knock off a star or two for a black Spaniel whose fur isn’t black enough.  Fortunately, though, we love Louie just as much notwithstanding!


This part of the west coast has been very wet of late – “unremittingly damp”.

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