Camelia blossoms and seeds on grass, close up
Camelia blossoms

Magnolia blossom in spring


Yellow daffodils in glass vase, in window. Three daffodil blossoms in vase are in full sunshine. close-up photo of spring flowers taken indoors
Yellow daffodils in glass vase.


Apple blossoms
Apple blossoms


Single blue pansy in November - Victoria, British Columbia
Single blue pansy in November – Victoria, British Columbia


Close up of red berries on tree in spring against deep blue sky
Red berries in spring


Ripe pears on tree
Ripe pears, fall


pink-flowers-in-rain   Pink flowers in rain

Yellow peruvian lillies
Yellow peruvian lillies


Pampas grass and blue sky
Pampas grass and blue sky


Chestnut leaves in sunshine
Chestnut leaves in sunshine



Mauve flowers



Pink camelia blossom, full on, with gold centre, with wet snow
Wet February snow on Camelia blossom


And now for something completely different, here’s the photo called “Bald guy with flowers”.  Ever wonder what can go wrong when you take a photo?  Ever ask yourself, “Why didn’t I notice that bald guy before I pressed the shutter release?”   Anyway, please enjoy the picture!  By the way, given the subject matter, I decided not to photoshop out the obvious mess on the globe of the street lamp.

Bald guy with flowers


Orange poppies blooming in late spring