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Giving your work away for nothing

Just read Alex Rotenberg’s post on 123RF asking contributors to give their video work away for free, in the hope that strangers will be inclined to send the contributor a donation!  (Alex’s post is here).

Outrageous!  The race to the bottom is accelerating.  Maybe this is the way of the future for photography, as it is for many other forms of intellectual property.  So happy I’m not interested in photography for any reason other than taking photos for pleasure.

The reason I quit iStock was that I was not prepared to have my work offered for sale on terms that would, even possibly, pay me 2 cents per photo sold.  I admit I’m not the best photographer, but my photos did (and do) sell, and they’re clearly worth more than 2 cents each!  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, apparently it has!

And, speaking of giving work away for nothing, I notice that Google scoops copies of the images I have posted on this website, and that anyone can download them at will, for free.  These images are copyrighted, and while I don’t mind letting people view them, I didn’t post them so that Google could help itself!  I know, there’s probably a way I can prevent the images from being downloaded, but I have no idea how to do it at this point.


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